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    Default xmodus PUBG

    xmodus PUBG Hack/Cheat

    Supported Games:
    Playerunknown's Battlegrounds
    EARLY ACCESS: (and newer)

    100% UNDETECTED SINCE: 01-09-2017

    We are proud to introduce our new Private full stealth external Multihack for Playerunknown's Battlegrounds with Anti-Screenshot/Screenshot Bypass/Clean Screenshots for BattlEye Anti-Cheat!
    Screenshots taken by BattleEye and any other third party tool will be clean by using an external GDI overlay drawing technology, which avoids capturing VISUALS/ESP.

    As a result we decided to offer a private version of the hack that is using very special protection & advanced bypass methods which provide the best security against several Anti-Cheats and makes it almost impossible to detect the hack.
    This private version is specially coded & protected for professional league gamers & it is not coming with a .DLL library, instead it is a full stealth external hack with a specialized technology (no injection), which is 100% undetected.

    With an amazing range of functionality - xmodus PUBG - meets a wide range of customer needs.
    Each money you invest in any of our products and services buys you:
    a depth and breadth of features and functionality, reliability and effectiveness and success reinforced with
    our priceless one-on-one support, ensuring your success.

    Supported Systems:
    - Windows 7 - 32/64 Bit
    - Windows 8 - 32/64 Bit
    - Windows 8.1 - 32/64 Bit

    - Windows 10 - 32/64 Bit

    Supported Regions/Servers:
    - North America (NA)
    - Europe (EU)
    - Asia (AS)
    - Korea/Japan (KR/JP)
    - Oceania (OC)
    - South and Central America (SA)
    - South East Asia (SEA)

    Supported Game Modes:
    - SOLO
    - DUO
    - SQUAD

    - AIMBOT(legit/nonlegit)
    -> AIMKEY = mouse 1,2,3,4,5,6..
    -> AIMPOINT = aimspot on which the aimbot aims at (Head,Neck,Chest etc.)
    -> AIMFOV = field of view on which the aimbot is scanning for an aimpoint (configurable in 0.10 steps for 100% legit play)
    -> AIMSMOOTH = aimbot is working smoothly for a more legit aimbot movement (configurable in 0.10 steps for 100% legit play)
    -> AIMTIME = time in ms for aimbot activity on enemies
    -> AIMDELAY = delay in ms for aimbot inactivity on enemies
    -> AIMDISABLE = aimbot is disabled if you are reloading or holding grenades
    -> RECOIL CONTROL LEGIT = legit recoil control spay effect on your aimbot (RCS)
    -> RECOIL CONTROL RAGE = rage recoil control spay effect on your aimbot (RCS)


    -> BOX ESP = draws box on players
    -> BONE ESP = draws bones of players
    -> HEALTH ESP = draws healthtext on players
    -> HEALTH BAR = draws healthbar on players
    -> DISTANCE ESP = draws distance to players
    -> LOOT ESP = draws all weapons/items on ground (Vests,Helmets,First Aid Kits,Painkiller,Energy Drinks,Grenades,Scopes,Red Dot Sights,Extended Mags....)
    -> VEHICLE ESP = draws vehicles (i.e. Dacia,Buggy,Jeep,Motorbike,Boats,UAZ)

    - BattlEye UNDETECTED
    (including clean screenshots)

    - Professional protection & bypass methods
    -> String destruction
    -> Random CRC32 Mode
    -> Random section/table names
    -> FULL External technology
    -> FULL Stealth Mode
    -> NO injection into TlsGame.exe
    -> NO memory modification/patching
    -> NO .DLL library
    -> Secret tweaks & algorithms
    -> Anti-Dumpers
    -> Anti-Debbuger detection
    -> Anti-Disassember
    -> Anti-Registry Monitor
    -> Anti-File Monitor
    -> Anti-API detection
    -> Anti-Leaksystem
    -> Unique coding technology (unique coded product/build for each customer! - different Hash calculations,Algorithms,Sections,Cryption,Structure..)
    -> Daily, SILENT SECURITY Updates (free)


    ENJOY FAST & SECURE RANK-UP in Leaderboards


    Coming soon..


    How long does it take to get the product after successful payment?
    After verifying your payment successfully, you will become Trusted Member (customer) & you will be able to download your product within a few minutes/hours at our Shop.
    Is there any sales limitation?
    This private hack is limited to a low number of customers worldwide!
    SALES will be closed soon.

    Payment Options

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    works fine, gj guys !



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